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There is no need to make an appointment to receive prayer, simply find the closest room to you and show up at the appropriate time. Healing is free of charge.

Physical Healing

Upon arriving at one of our healing rooms, you will be welcomed in and invited to fill out a form detailing how you would like us to pray for you. This is your opportunity to write down all the physical needs you would like to receive healing from. Once this has been completed, you will be taken in to a room with 3 or 4 prayer team members, who will then pray for you. We believe that it is always God’s will to heal, and that our prayers are heard by heaven, as we get to partner with the Holy Spirit. Many times, people receive healing instantly, although there are some occasions where healing is a process, and so we encourage you to come back again to receive the full healing that is available to you.

Deeper Healing

Deeper Healing is different from a normal Healing Rooms visit where you simply turn up while the rooms are open, fill in a form and wait for a team to pray with you immediately. People often come to Deeper Healing in need of healing from past wounding or trauma. Others may need help with a particular issue, e.g. anger. Sometimes people simply feel spiritually “stuck” and need help to move on. Deeper Healing is appointment based which gives time to get to the root of issues. This may take an hour, perhaps two if necessary. Our teams are fully trained and appointments are completely confidential. To receive the greatest benefit from a Deeper Healing appointment it’s best to come via our Healing Rooms. Go to the nearest Healing Room first for prayer. The Director of that room will advise you what to do if she/he thinks you would benefit from a Deeper Healing session.


In Healing Rooms we believe that intercession and intercessory prayer hold a very important place in developing the ministry. What do we mean by ‘intercession’? It essentially means standing in the gap between the ways things are on earth and the ways things are in heaven, and thereby seeking to bring the things of heaven upon the earth. Intercession is a place we can occupy in the process of bringing forth God’s kingdom. Intercessory prayer is the expression of that in prayer: “Let your kingdom come, let Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” In intercessory prayer we encourage four keys practices: beholding the beauty of the Lord (focusing on who He is); receiving revelation from God; declaring His will; and calling forth His promises. We encourage all our teams to engage in intercessory prayer for the work and value such support from others.

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